The Bike as Interface

2013/2014 — Cycling is on an upswing – not only in Europe. Recent statistics on the number of traffic participants show that it is not only a local phenomenon, but a global trend.

On a path to a balanced road traffic with regard to the safety of cyclists an interface is proposed that adjusts to current technical and social developments.

The interface is made for daily use. It is detachable, battery powered, cable free and projects a wide display, which is visible in all conditions, right in front of the user. It communicates wirelessly with the users smartphone to access processing power. Via smartphone the interface’s own app and the interface itself is controlled. This way the cyclist can access valuable data during his ride without having to take his eyes of traffic. The proposed system includes local information like speed, distance, temperature and also information accessed through networks like direction services and social features.



The app on a mobile device is used to control wayfinding algorythms and visual presets.


In use the interface is projected right in front of the cyclist in the viewfield.

Bluetooth communication was realized between a mobile device and an arduino controlling a laser to show directions.