SORE Bikes

2016 — Located in the heart of Ehrenfeld SORE Bikes is Germany’s biggest professional shop for fixed-gear and single-speed equipment. With a wide variety of product, prime service and helpful staff it is the go-to address for cycling enthusiasts. It is a place where technical knowledge meets the aesthetic wishes of the customers. From daily commute beaters to high end track bikes: everything is customized.

For the new site the existing content was screened and reorganized. A simple and clean UI was realized and tested with the site’s users. The website is a fluid responsive grid in a wordpress cms with a custom template developed from scratch to insure full customization. It is designed to be displayed on a wide variety of devices.

Since the deployment of the new page site visits have increased over 350%. Mobile site visits have increased over 650% as there was no dedicated mobile page before. The number of returning visitors has risen over 200% as well.

A clear structure and featured menu items on the front page engage interaction.

A responsive box grid is use throughout the website to divide different categories and content.

The fluid responsive grid works on a variety of screen sizes with only minimal use of media queries.

Thanks to for the mobile device vectors