Cultural Processes

2015 — “Observation of cultural processes” is the summary of several projects from the years 2012 to 2015 on the broader topics of cities and gentrification. The results are revisited in this theoretical research on cultural observation.

Inner-city processes are significantly influenced and induced through modern industrial mindset, historical forms and institutions of society. The erstwhile triumph against nature with technical and industrial means was transferred into the overarching use of capitalistic competition in the midst of social structures. A missing variable in this systems is the city’s inhabitant. The critical approach to perspectives on inner-city development can be realized through working out the inhabitant’s needs, this study argues.

Rather than a theory of cultural phenomenons of the cities, this study is a compilation of interdisciplinary positions on inner-city and social processes. Thus giving a toolkit of contemporary theory that is of importance for designers working in, with and around the modern city and its inhabitants.

Emphasis lies on the Alexander Mitscherlich’s, Lewis Mumford’s and Jane Jacob’s observations of cities, Richard Sennet’s “Culture of Capitalism” and Max Horkheimer’s and Theodor W. Adorno’s critique on the cultural industry.





Thanks to Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron