2017 – In modern social networks the user is looking at a variety of content types: friend’s posts, regular ads, native ads, sponsored ads, friend’s of friend’s posts, page posts, group post’s and more. All these types are most of the time easy to distinguish, because they are clearly labeled or placed. Except the native ads of course.

Authorless is a simple Google Chrome browser extension that hides meta data of the author of posts in your Facebook timeline. This way it makes the authors of posts disappear and leaves you only with the content of the message and the additional comments. It disconnects the message from the author and thereby changes the content significantly with just minimal effort.

Authorless is meant as an experience / experiment concerning modern media publishing and consumption.

This web extension is available on github.

Native advertising content is not always easy to distinguish. Which video would you rather want to click? Your friend’s or the company’s?

Advertisers go a long way to create brand awareness. There are only a couple of indicators to distinguish regular posts from ads. Which event would you rather visit?

The extension at work. Authors are removed. Could you tell which post is an ad?